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Telstra vs TravelSim®

International eSIM Comparison for Europe


International eSims, and the ability to have multiple eSim profiles for different countries saved on one device, are revolutionizing the way that we use data and devices when we travel.

The main benefit of an eSim is that everything you need is already built into your smartphone or tablet, waiting to be activated. You can store multiple SIM profiles on one device through an eSIM, allowing you to keep both personal and business calls to one phone, simplifying your travel plans.

With the goal being to find the most competitive rates, and streamline the way in which you use your gadgets while on the go, how do you decide which eSim provider is right for you? Depending on where you’re traveling to, you might find that there are different deals to be found with different providers, so it’s important to compare. Let’s take a look at how TravelSim® shapes up when compared to Telstra.

TravelSim® Overview

With more than 4.5 million users worldwide, TravelSim® has been helping travelers to roam easily since 2006. Our international eSIM covers over 200 global destinations, and our physical sim cards can be used in more than 135 countries and are shipped worldwide.

Our eSIM can be bought and activated through a QR code within minutes, and is perfect for when you intend to pass through several countries without the hassle of changing a physical SIM card.

Telstra Overview

As one of Australia’s leading telecommunications mobile operators, Telstra provides millions of retail and data bundles. Embracing the growing eSIM enthusiasm, if you buy a new phone or tablet from Telstra, they give you the option between a physical SIM card or an eSIM straight off the bat. A slight inconvenience is that you have to download the Telstra app to monitor your mobile and data usage, and to manage their eSIM packages. Their prepaid international roaming packages cover 35 destinations.

Telstra vs TravelSim®

International eSim features



Prepaid roaming packs for how many countries?



Covers the whole European Union + Switzerland?

Provides a good deal on postpaid roaming packs?

Supported by both web and mobile application?

Mobile application only

A TravelSim® international eSIM is right for you if…

  • You want value for money

    TravelSim® provides some of the best deals around on our International SIM and eSIM bundles. Our lower-than-average purchase price means that you have more flexibility when selecting data plans, and helps you to save money in the long run. Enjoy having more money to spend on visiting all of the places on your bucket list.

  • You want to see as much of Europe as possible

    TravelSIM has prepaid data plans that cover the whole of the European Union, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This means you can travel confidently and stay connected wherever you go, without worrying about hunting down free wi-fi hotspots. And while you do get a new number, with TravelSim® you can still use your existing Messenger and WhatsApp accounts.

  • You want the best of both worlds

    You can keep your Telstra SIM card in your phone, and add a TravelSim® eSIM to save money while traveling. With Telstra postpaid roaming packs costing $14 per day, there’s a lot to be saved by shopping around. We want our services to be as user-friendly and useful as possible, and that means playing well with others.

  • You’re new to eSIMs

    Our eSIMs are simple to install and easy to understand – the last thing you want when you’re preparing to travel is to be held up by convoluted installation and top-up processes. We can also help to find the best product for your travel needs, aiming to save you as much money as possible. Plus, if you change your mind, we can refund you on all unused services within 14 days of purchase.

  • You’re setting off on a long adventure

    Enjoy 12 months of airtime on SIM cards, and 12 months from your last top-up on eSIMs. This means that your eSIM will stay live for as long as you need it to, provided you recharge it at least once a year. So whether you need a strict itinerary and want everything set up before you leave, or you’re a freewheeler who decides to extend your journey along the way, we can accommodate all of your roaming needs.

Save money on data roaming in Europe with TravelSim®

Feeling connected when you travel means feeling confident. Exploring becomes easier when you know that you can always search for the best places to eat, the must-see attractions and savvy accommodation options, no matter where you are. Plus, being easy to contact means not having to worry about any goings on back home.

If you think the Telstra vs TravelSim® showdown has ended with TravelSim® on top, we can help you get going today – our eSIMs can be installed in just five minutes. Ready to see Europe? Save money on your roaming with TravelSim® eSIMs.