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Marsaxlokk – Malta’s Charming Little Fishing Village

Marsaxlokk is a charming little fishing village situated in the southern part of Malta. Here lie the colorful Luzzu boats tightly in the harbour and along the promenade restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood dishes. Every Sunday one can also enjoy the well-known local market where you can find most things, but mainly local products.

To visit Marsaxlokk is a must every time I visit Malta and one that I highly recommend. Check out the photos below and you’ll probably understand why. Beautiful, right?


If you’re a photographer, you’ll love this place. Oh, well, I think almost everyone well, but as a photographer it’s quite impossible to not love the photogenic luzzu boats.


Palm trees, old houses, market stalls and colorful boats.

fiskeby marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Market

Like going to the local markets? Then you shouldn’t miss this charming Sunday market. A bestseller are the fresh honey and beeswax produced locally in Malta. Beeswax has many useful properties and the more you buy, the better price you get.

Don’t be afraid to haggle either. Besides beeswax and fresh honey, you’ll also find clothes, fish, fruit and vegetables and other local goods and toys. It’s also possible to get the fish cooked at one of the restaurants located along the harbor.

Marknad i Marsaxlokk

How to get here

Most tourists in Malta stay in St Julians, Sliema, Bugibba, and Valletta. Public transportation is available from the airport and Valletta and Birzebugga, but the very simplest for tourists is to get to the bus terminal in Valletta and catch bus number 85.

The bus ride takes about 45 minutes from Valletta. If you go directly from the airport, it’s the line 119 that apply. 119 goes directly from the airport to Marsaxlokk before going onwards to Marsaskala.

More information about Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk has about 3,500 permanent residents and it’s a small fishing village where most of the action revolves around the harbor. The biggest feature is the luzzu boats with their colors and eye in the front, which will protect the boat out at sea.

Despite its small size, Marsaxlokk is of great importance for fish trade in Malta. Most of the fishermen namely come from here and on weekdays the catch is being sold in Valletta.

The name is a composition of “Marsa” meaning harbor and “Xlokk” meaning southeast in Maltese.

A fun fact about Marsaxlokk: It was actually here that the Phoenicians landed on the 800-century and formed the first commercial stations in Malta. When the Ottoman troops began their siege of Malta in the 1500s, they used the harbor as an anchorage place.

Other things to do in Marsaxlokk

In addition to the Sunday market, the main attractions are the church and the neighboring St. Peters Pool. The latter is a bathing spot with deep crystal clear blue water. However, one should be careful here as the water can get rough when the wind blows.

Kyrka marsaxlokkgata i marsaxlokk

Recommended accommodation

Port View Guesthouse

A small and cozy guesthouse with a perfect location and charming rooms. Great breakfast and a homely environment make this a great choice if you want to stay overnight.

Click here to see photos, other reviews, and current price

Recommended restaurants in Marsaxlokk

    • T’Anna Mari
    • La Reggia
    • Tartarun Fish restaurant
    • Ta’ Victor Restaurant
    • Rising Sun bar (budget)
By  Alexander Waltner. Also known as Swedishnomad.

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