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Buy international eSIM online

How does a Travelsim International eSIM card work

eSIM is just like a regular SIM card, only digital.
A couple using their international eSIM card while on holiday
100% money-back guarantee

Keep your own SIM card too

There’s no need to swap out your existing SIM card to be able to use an eSIM.

Enjoy cheaper data abroad

Using an eSIM for your data is up to 85% cheaper in 100+ countries.

Stay up to date with your socials

Because you keep your phone number, you stay reachable through socials like Whatsapp.

Pay as you go, on the go, wherever you go

You can top up your eSIM through your TravelSim account whenever and wherever.

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How much data do you need?

How much credit would you like to add for calls & SMSs?

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100% money-back guarantee
If you change your mind or can’t use our service, we will issue you a refund to the last penny on all unused services from 14 days of purchase.

How does a Travelsim International eSIM card work?

eSIM is easy to set up and use. View detailed instructions
1 Check to make sure your device is eSIM compatible
2 Choose your destinations, data and credit
3 Install your eSIM via the QR code
Scanning QR Code
4 Top-up your eSIM whilst traveling

About eSIM

The ‘e’ in eSIM stands for ‘embedded’ - everything you need to be able to use an eSIM likely already exists embedded inside your smartphone or tablet. An eSIM allows you to connect multiple mobile network profiles to one phone and eliminates the need to remove and replace your existing SIM card when you travel. This gives you more flexibility in crossing borders, and switching data plans. They’re also a guaranteed way to save money on international roaming charges while traveling. 

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