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Brasilien: Unverzichtbare Faszinierende Ziele – Travelsim

Brazil is a very diverse destination. Where else in the world can you find such beautiful beaches, wild and untamed forests and vibrant cities in one country?

Take a lot of time to see all that Brazil has to offer – it is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world. Here you could travel for months and probably still have seen next to nothing.

From dazzling cities with multicultural art scenes to quaint, sleepy, colonial fishing villages – Brazil will thrill you wherever you go. Start your journey comfortably and spend enough time at your individual destinations, so that you can really get a feel for the Brazilian culture and the pace of life.

Here are a few highlights that you should not miss out on:

Rio de Janeiro

Of course you can not visit Brazil without spending some time in this fascinating city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by lush green mountains and golden beaches. Take a trip to the Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoy the bird’s eye view.

As you stroll along the beach of Copacabana, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of Rio – the pulsating music, the people playing volleyball in the sand, the locals, the rollerblades and joggers on the promenade, and the laughter and conversations from the many bars and restaurants sound outdoors.

The most exciting time to visit is Carnival, a loud and colorful celebration where the streets come alive all night with samba music and dancing.

Luftaufnahme von Rio De Janeiro in einem orangefarbenen Sonnenuntergang

Ilha Grande

This beautiful island lies off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro and is known for its natural beauty. Just a short day trip from Rio, you will find yourself among pristine tropical beaches, wild forests and rugged hills. It is one of the best preserved remnants of the Atlantic Rainforest and one of the most eclectic ecosystems in the world.

Wander through the forest and spot brown howler monkeys, caimans, mane sloths and many other creatures. The oceans around the island are also protected and host amazing wildlife including orcas, dolphins, sea turtles and Magellan penguins.

Boote auf blauem Wasser

Foz de Iguaçu

The Iguazu Falls are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, a huge waterfall that stretches for 2.7 km along the border with Argentina.

The height of the falls varies between 60 and 82 meters, and when you stand on the boardwalks beside the falls and feel the spray on your face, the power of the wall of rushing water is overwhelming. This great spectacle should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Brazil.

The Amazon rainforest

No trip to Brazil is complete without getting a taste of the wild Amazon rainforest. It is much more than just a big river – a huge wilderness of lakes, forests, wetlands and much more.

The Amazon contains more water than the eight largest rivers in the world combined, and there are so many wild creatures living in this region, from pink river dolphins to howler monkeys to caimans and more. The best way to experience this region is to spend the night in a jungle lodge and a local guide to take you to the rainforest. You can fish piranha, canoe through the wetlands, and watch dolphins and caimans up close.


Praia de Pipa

Praia de Pipa is located near the city of Natal in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil. Until the 1970s there was only a small fishing village, but then this paradise was discovered by backpackers and surfers, who fell in love with the fine white sand and crystal clear waters. In this magical place, the peaceful hippie vibe is in the air, a feeling unlike anywhere else in the world … so relaxed that you may never want to leave.

Here you will also find the Baia dos Golfinhos, which means “the Bay of Dolphins”. On this stunning beach you have a good chance to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, as the animals like to play in these calm waters.

Blick auf die Dolphin Bay


The city of Salvador is one of the oldest cities in North and South America. Here you can walk on cobbled streets reminiscent of bygone times and admire the beautiful, colorful colonial buildings of the 17th and 18th centuries, with their typical wrought-iron balconies. This city is known as the “capital of fortune” and you are sure to have a fun time here.

This Afro-Brazilian jewel was once the magnificent capital of the Portuguese colony in the New World. Here you get a good insight into the culture of descendants of African slaves, from food to religion to music, dance and much more. Also, be sure to check out the Mercado Modelo, a large yellow building in the harbor that houses a bustling marketplace full of handicrafts, antiques and much more.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the most populated city in Brazil – and the largest city in the southern hemisphere. In this hotbed of art and culture, there is so much to see and do that you will not be able to get out of amazement. It is a very diverse city with the largest Japanese, Italian and Arab diaspora in Brazil and one of the largest urban Jewish populations in the world.

The metropolis is home to several excellent museums, including the Sao Paulo Art Museum, the Portuguese Language Museum and the Ipiranga Museum. But the street art is not so short here. The Beco do Batman is known worldwide for the numerous graffiti and has since been turned into a graffiti museum under the open sky. You will definitely have no trouble filling your program for Sao Paulo with a variety of sights and activities.

Praia do Rosa

This beautiful beach, with its sweeping bay, gentle waves and warm waters is known as a great destination for whale watching in Brazil. The right whales return each year between July and November to give birth and raise their young.

They often come close enough to the cliffs so that you can observe the animals well from the countryside and take pictures. If you want to get closer to the animals, there are many tour operators that offer boat trips with whale watching. Here one strives for sustainable animal encounters and so there are strict environmental requirements for the organizers and tourists, so that the whales are not disturbed. If you want the opportunity to experience nature in a breathtaking environment, Praia do Rosa should definitely be on your Brazil list.


Florianopólis is a funky and bohemian town and a surfer’s paradise – another destination you should not miss when traveling in Brazil. The main part of the city is located on an island off the south coast, which is known for its fantastic beaches, freaky nightlife and relaxed hostels right on the seafront promenade.

There are more than 40 beaches around the island – each one offering a unique atmosphere. Moreover, Florianopólis Island is known for fantastic fish dishes, so be sure to treat yourself to an elegant meal in one of the excellent sea view restaurants.


Paraty is a charming town on the coast of Brazil. The Portuguese colonial architecture and the sweeping cobblestone streets will enchant you. Paraty is a well-known meeting place for writers and artists, and the historic center is filled with cute little art galleries and independent shops.

During your stay here you have the opportunity to take a boat trip to the Bay Islands. A place like paradise – secluded sandy beaches lined with palm trees and surrounded by soft, crystal clear waters. You can go snorkelling and discover some of the amazing marine life of the Green Coast, or just lie on the deck and enjoy the sun.

Straßen von Paraty

The Pantanal

Pantanal means wetland and this huge tropical grassland is one of the largest inland wetlands in the world. Considered the “Savannah of South America”, it is the ideal location for a safari adventure – a must for any pet lover on a trip through Brazil.

This sanctuary is an important habitat for hundreds of species of birds and mammals, including the giant anteater, the tapir, the jaguar, the hyacinth macaw and the giant otters. This unique piece of land is protected and was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 2000. The perfect place to spot wildlife in their natural habitat – the dry season is the best time to spot mammals and reptiles, and in the rainy season you can see an incredible variety of birds.

Sonnenuntergang über einem See

These were just some of the absolute highlights of Brazil. Which is your favorite destination in Brazil?

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