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What is the Best eSIM for Travel in Europe?

What is the Best eSIM for Travel in Europe?

Planning a European trip and looking for the eSIM package that will keep you connected without costing the earth? TravelSim is here to help. Here we will take a look at not only our best eSIM for travel in Europe, but also the best offerings from some other well-known eSIM providers.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an eSIM provider for Europe

As well as helping you to choose the best eSIM for European travel, we’ve also compiled a list of things to consider when browsing.


It’s helpful to research the carriers available in each country that you visit. Different countries and regions will have different levels of coverage, and if you plan on venturing off the beaten track, you’ll want to know that you have an eSIM that will connect you to the best possible carrier. 


As tempting as it might be to go for the first offer that catches your eye, it’s important to shop around and compare prices when looking at eSIMs. More specifically than price, you should also consider overall value for money. Having a clear idea of exactly how you’ll want to use your devices while in Europe will be helpful for this. For example, if you’re likely to receive a lot of lengthy work phone calls, you’ll need a different package than if you were a backpacker seeking solitude and going off-grid. 

Plans and Flexibility

Each eSIM provider will have its own range of product plans available, as well as its own terms and conditions for how to activate and utilize these plans. For example, some eSIMs may have a shorter validity period than others, or involve a complicated activation process that isn’t possible to carry out while on the road. Others can only be topped up over the phone – or not be topped up at all, and only replaced. 

Customer Support

Good customer support is a vital component of any company, but for eSIM providers it can make the difference between a customer feeling confident in their travels or lost at sea. Do you prefer talking on the phone, or emailing when an issue arises? Where are their customer support based, and will this impact the hours when you can receive help? 

Our Top Picks

Take a look at our list of the best eSIMs for European travel.


Our eSIMs for travel in Europe come in two configurations – Europe, and Europe+. Our Europe Combo eSIM comes with 5GB of data, 60 minutes worth of calls, 25 SMS messages, and a reliably fast 4G service. It covers 32 countries (whereas Europe+ covers 36) and comes in at $44.


This eSIM will be valid for 14 days, but can then be recharged through your account, and reused for as long as you need. Unlike a lot of eSIM providers, we’re happy for you to share your data with any travel companions through hot-spotting.


Your eSIM will come with an Estonian number (+372). Our customer support team is also based in Estonia, which means they operate in Eastern European Time – perfect for when you’re visiting Europe.

Holafly eSIM

Holafly promises data coverage in over 30 European countries and up to 60 minutes of both incoming and outgoing calls. While they don’t support SMS messaging, you will be able to keep in touch via WhatsApp. Holafly eSIMs aren’t reusable and are bought in coverage packages of 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, or 90 days. A 15-day package will cost $47, and provide you with an Austrian phone number (+43),

Orange Holiday Zen eSIM

Orange Holiday covers 30 EU countries, and its Zen package gives you 8GB of 4G data, unlimited calls, and SMS for 14 days. For under $30, this is a great deal, though some of the terms and conditions for their eSIMs might be a little restrictive. For example, if you accidentally delete the eSIM from your phone it cannot be downloaded again or installed on a different device the way that TravelSim eSIMs can.

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM

Orange Holiday’s Europe eSIM package is the Zen package’s big brother, twice the price of the Zen and offering 20GB of data. This is a great offer, but there are a few drawbacks. The main downsides to Orange Holiday eSIMs are that they’re only reusable for 6 months, and don’t allow hot-spotting, so it may not be the best choice for couples or groups of friends headed out on extended travels. Also, the installation process isn’t as clear as other providers on this list.

Nomad eSIM

If you’re looking for a data-only plan, a Nomad eSIM could be a good choice – currently SMS messaging is only covered in three countries; the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With a Nomad eSIM, the user would need to switch to their original number to send texts or make phone calls. However, because it only provides the user with data it’s significantly cheaper than some of the other eSIMs on this list,

Another data-only provider, covers 30 countries and provides competitively-priced plans for 7, 14, and 30 days worth of travel. The main downside to seems to be that it doesn’t allow its eSIMs to be topped up – a new plan must be purchased every time your data runs out. Despite the prices being low, this could be inconvenient if you’re planning a long trip.

Airalo eSIM

Airao offers a great variety of European eSIM packages, some of which span as long as 180 days. It covers just under 40 European countries. Airalo claims to be the first eSIM store and it uses this wealth of experience to its advantage. It’s a great choice for charitable travelers, as it is frequently raising funds for international humanitarian causes.

O2 Go Card eSIM

Like many well-known providers, O2 isn’t exactly trailblazers when it comes to eSIMs. It’s suggested that many major carriers are wary of eSIMs because of how easy it makes it to change providers. However, O2’s eSIM offering is solid, if limited, as there’s only one package available. On the plus side, as one of the biggest operators in Europe, there is the bonus that any calls made to other O2 users are always free.

SimOptions Europe eSIM

While this eSIM covers fewer countries than many on this list (28), it’s great value for money, with packages starting at less than $20. However, it only offers options for 5GB and 30GB worth of data which cannot be topped up, no calls or SMS messages, and limited compatibility with laptops or tablets. This means that they may not be the best choice for work trips.

BNESIM Infinity Europe

BNE stands for ‘best network ever’, so this provider has given itself a lot to live up to. BNESIM offers a wide variety of options – up to 15 different packages, from as little as a single day’s worth of coverage up to a month’s. Its prices are reasonable and it provides very clear instructions on how to use its products. It also allows for multiple BNE eSIM profiles on one account.

How to purchase and configure your eSIM with TravelSim

If you’ve decided that TravelSim eSIMs are right for you, we can help you get started. Simply choose your desired data plan and the amount of credit you want for calls and texts. Our rates are competitive and easily understood, and we don’t charge you to receive calls or texts. We also provide the option to buy an additional UK-based phone number. 

The choice is yours

Stressing out about staying connected can suck the fun out of your travels. Take a look at the best eSIMs for travel in Europe with TravelSim.